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    profile building
    continues even after admissions.

Profile Building

Why profile Building?

Profile building gives the student a competitive edge over his peers when it comes to meeting the criteria for the best universities across. Profile building broadens ones horizon, increases employability and ensures he fulfills his dreams. Profile building will help the student to do well in the college that he aspires for and will also bridge the gap between school and college. Profile Building process is a key to develop co-academic activities so that it becomes easier for universities to shortlist your profile.

Process of Profile Building

  • Resume building
  • Mock Interviews
  • Assessing Program choice
  • Exchange Programs
  • Vocational Development Plan
  • Career-Readiness Plan

What we do in Profile Building?

IBeGeek takes immense pride in being the only organization, which offers profile building hand-in-hand with academics. Our one-on-one sessions will enable to chart a roadmap for you, and to take up focused and effective co-academic activities.

Profile Building takes place through the student’s journey and our experts work with the student at every step. It is an year round process where mentors ensure that every activity you undertake helps in building your resume and prepares you for your career ahead. From industrial visits, internships, student exchange programs and so on, we will ensure that we will leave no stone unturned to reach your aim. In order to give our best we have designed a 20 hour online program focusing on academic reading and writing skills, research skills, critical and analytical thinking. Furthermore, through one-on-one mentoring sessions we help the student with an action plan for developing extra-curricular profile.


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