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    from experts with over 20 years of experience.

Career Counselling

Why Career counselling ?

Setting up goals and ambition in our life is very important for our success and in order to do this, it is important to choose the best-fit career. Career Counseling helps in charting out an action plan that fulfills one’s ambition. Career counseling would help you to narrow down on different courses, relevant jobs in the specific domain, choosing the right university etc. It helps the parents in discovering their child’s potential and further making it easy for them to streamline their finances based on their child’s interests and respective career options.

What we do in Career Counselling?

Career counseling is a process in understanding and aligning one’s interest to take an informed decision about career and education. At an age of 12 to 17 years, we see a lot of changes that happen at both physical and emotional fronts, and during such transitions, we try to match up with our peers and hence we need a guiding force which enables us to take the right decision.

IBeGeek’s Career Counseling service is evidence based and comes with a lot of research and testing from our end. We use vocational inventory test and reasoning test to understand one’s personal and vocational interests. This is further matched with an in-depth academic counseling session which helps you understand your career goals and formulate a unique action plan.

How do we do Career Counselling?

  • Stage 1 : Pre-counseling Discussion

    We gather the basic data from the parents and the student through a pre-counseling form about his academic records, his likes and dislikes, his strengths and weaknesses etc. This information helps us understand a student’s interests and aspirations.

  • Stage 2 : Psychometric tests

    The student has to attempt 2 psychometric tests ( 1st is Vocation immersion inventory test - which evaluates child’s vocational interests ) & ( 2nd is Reasoning Ability test - which evaluates the child’s abilities). These tests are time based and will take approximately 40-50 minutes. Students don’t need to prepare for these tests.

  • Stage 3 : One-to-One Counseling

    We do thorough research and analysis based on the pre-counseling information and psychometric test reports and then have an elaborate counseling session with the parents and the student where we put forward the best-fit career options to the student, and also answer all the queries that they have in regard to these options. Subsequently, we draw a chart and present a roadmap to the student in order to pursue his career further.


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